Three Minute Thoughts: Flex NBA

Flex NBA is the NBA’s latest foray into the board game market, and an additional collectible in addition to the many trading cards/NFTs also available out there. It has a battle system similar to many of the competitive trading card games available out there. With cards sorted by rarity (the more rare the cards, theContinue reading “Three Minute Thoughts: Flex NBA”

Three Minute Thoughts: PARKS

PARKS takes you on hikes across parks in America, using a scoring system akin to Wingspan or 7 Wonders. There are multiple ways to score points, from actually going on a hike to taking photos. PARKS is the most beautiful game that I have played to date. The gameplay mechanism is in depth, yet notContinue reading “Three Minute Thoughts: PARKS”

Three Minute Thoughts: Red Flags

An icebreaker game, Red Flags is designed to have a group find one person their perfect imperfect date. This game works whether you know the other people or not, it’s simple enough to explain to anybody who is used to the concept of dating (so, anybody). The person would then select the best ‘person’ proposed,Continue reading “Three Minute Thoughts: Red Flags”

Three Minute Thoughts: Ecosystem

Ecosystem utilises a blend of card-drafting mechanics (i.e. Sushi Go, 7 Wonders) and tile building (i.e. Kingdomino) and a nice scoring system revolving around certain combinations of animals and streams to form a 4×5 matrix. The game is easy to explain, and the cards are smaller than other games which gives it a novelty effect.Continue reading “Three Minute Thoughts: Ecosystem”

Three Minute Thoughts: Splendor

Splendor, a game to earn points through jewels. Jewels are resources of the game, and jewels can lead to other jewels, or victory points. Have enough jewels? You just may attract the attention of nobles, who – you guessed it – gives you more points. The early game is slowwwww, however things pick up onceContinue reading “Three Minute Thoughts: Splendor”

Three Minute Thoughts: Just One

Just One, my favourite co-op game. The intent of the game is to have one person guess a key word, with everyone else giving clues. However, clues must be unique i.e. if clues overlap, they will not be shown to the guesser. The game is co-op based, meaning the competitive aspect is gone. However, itContinue reading “Three Minute Thoughts: Just One”

Ingredients for a great games night

Hosting a board games night is easy, making it fun is the hard part. First, you need to KYA – Know Your Audience. Casual people looking to get to know each other a bit more? Try ice breaker games like Red Flags or Hanabi. Throwing them into a social deduction game, with the wrong crowd,Continue reading “Ingredients for a great games night”