Three Minute Reviews: Dixit

Dixit is the type of abstract, no set answer game that works well in parties settings. The game promotes a lot of interaction opportunities and does not require an extensive insider knowledge/relationship to make it work.

The game’s purpose is simple: collect 30 points first. A player can either be a clue-giver or a guesser (the role is assigned through rotation), and the clue-giver get points when they provide a clue related to a picture card they have submitted, such that other guessers can select the submitted card out of a group of cards. The clue can’t be too obvious, as the clue-giver does not get any points if everyone manages to identify the card. It can’t be too hard either, for the same reason. The guessers obtain points if they can fool other guessers and/or identify the clue-giver cards.

The number of cards in the original deck is small enough such that you will cycle through them repeatedly in a single game. Dixit has many expansion packs that will keep the cards fresh for your party.

Verdict: 9/10


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