Three Minute Reviews: Ecosystem

Ecosystem utilises a blend of card-drafting mechanics (i.e. Sushi Go, 7 Wonders) and tile building (i.e. Kingdomino) and a nice scoring system revolving around certain combinations of animals and streams to form a 4×5 matrix.

Ecosystem - A Habitat Building Card Drafting Game – Genius Games

The game is easy to explain, and the cards are smaller than other games which gives it a novelty effect. It is easy to teach and easy to play. I like having scoring games to start off any games night event, as it raises the competitiveness of the attendees. I am sure there is a meta (i.e. best approach to winning) to the game, however have yet to find it. Make sure you have a large enough table to fit every person’s ecosystem!

A 7/10 from me as a ‘starter’ for Games Night.

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