Ingredients for a great games night

Hosting a board games night is easy, making it fun is the hard part.

First, you need to KYA – Know Your Audience. Casual people looking to get to know each other a bit more? Try ice breaker games like Red Flags or Hanabi. Throwing them into a social deduction game, with the wrong crowd, would just be awkward.

Got a group of people who are competitive (but not too competitive)? Try point scoring games like 7 Wonders or Sushi Go. If it’s late at night and people are running out of mental strength, don’t go with games like Gloomhaven or King’s Dilemma – they will just make them leave faster.

How you, or the game master, explain the game is important too. Make it fun, short and snappy. If this can’t be done, I recommend YouTube for the instructions (Rodney and Watch It Played is a godsend).

Most importantly of all, have fun and enjoy the day/night šŸ™‚


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